A Toxin In Nail Polish May Harm Women’s Chances To Conceive


Trying to conceive or already pregnant? A new study shows these nail polishes may be harmful.

Pregnant women (or those trying to conceive) who like keeping their nails polished may not like what this recent study has revealed. A coauthored study (Duke University and EWG) has found evidence that a chemical called triphenyl phosphate exist in the bodies of women who used common nail polishes. TPHP is asuspected endocrine-disrupting chemical which is also found in many plastics. The reason this is problematic is because a number of studies have show that TPHP serves as an endocrine disruption, which can mess with hormone function. It has been shown to cause disruptions in the reproductive process.

According to EWG.org

The study found that when women applied nail polish with TPHP directly to their nails, the levels of a biomarker of that chemical in their urine increased sharply. Technically, the researchers tested the women’s urine for a chemical called diphenyl phosphate or DPHP, which is created when the body metabolizes TPHP.

Most studies of TPHP involve investigations of its effects on cells and test animals. A few have associated the chemical with changes in the hormone and reproductive systems of humans. The most recent studies are striking—they suggest that TPHP interacts with a protein central to regulating the body’s metabolism and production of fat cells. Scientists are conducting more investigations to discover whether, in fact, TPHP contributes to weight gain and obesity.

So which nail polishes contain is?

TPHP is listed on the ingredient labels of a wide array of nail polishes now on the market. Fully 49 percent of more than 3,000 nail polishes and treatments compiled in EWG’s Skin Deep database disclose that they contain TPHP. Even worse, some polishes contain it but don’t disclose it.

It is worth noting that the study was only performed on 26 women. That said, chemicals and toxins are, well, chemicals and toxins. If you’ve been trying to conceive and found difficulties, this may fall under the “no stone unturned” category. Here is a list of brands containing the chemical.

Sally Hansen






Wet N Wild




Nuance by Salma Hayek


Beauty Without Cruelty



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