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Report ‘Federal Government is Stifling Medical Marijuana Research’

A new report lambaste the Federal Government for “stifling Medical Marijuana Research.”

Researchers at Brookings Institution are sounding off on a Federal Government which they believe prevent any advances in the use of medical marijuana. The scathing report indicates that that marijuana, both due to prejudice and legal confusion, is treated differently than other medical research and limits research to anecdotal cases and Doctors playing it as it goes.


Of all the controlled substances that the federal government regulates, cannabis is treated in unique ways that impede research. Specifically, the U.S. government has held back the medical community’s ability to conduct the type of research that the scientific community considers the experimental gold standard in guiding medical practice. Thus, the use of cannabis for medical treatment is happening in states based largely on anecdotal or limited science. In many cases, patients and doctors operate according to a learn-as-you-go approach—a situation that is inexcusably the fault of federal policies failing to keep pace with changing societal views and state-level legal landscapes.

The Federal government’s control over limiting medical marijuana research is likely also spawned by pharmaceutical companies not wanting to lose any revenue. Natural, alternative cures are not nearly as profitable for disease as symptom based pills and concoctions produced in laboratories. This report is not surprising, but it is nice to see someone call them out publicly for what’s becoming a criminal concealment of research which could greatly help the human race. The report, written by John Hudak and Grace, Wallack, calls out bureaucratic and cultural barriers as the core components which hinder the research.

And don’t think for a second that states with legalized marijuana are doing better. In most cases, Federal law intrudes their ability to perform research. Marijuana is still existing in a legal underbelly that’s rather confusing and undefined at the Federal level. In order to solve the issue, the Federal Government would need to classify marijuana as a schedule 2 drug. In this way they allow for research to freely happen.

But it is unlikely that the Federal Government will make anything easy for us, seeing that pharmaceutical companies donate huge funds as lobbyist. Where there is money, there is power. Marijuana could greatly improve the lives of so many people, we are in a sad way for not expanding and evolving in this area.

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