Moisturizing Creams Could Increase Skin Cancer Risk; A Better Recommendation

Body and hand lotions are some of the most used skin products on earth. Many people keep lotions at their work desk, beside their beds or in their bathrooms. The marketing pitches by these creams contend that use of the products can cause anti-aging effects as well as soften skin. But the fact is, these type of lotions really are just chemicals. Have you ever read the ingredients on a bottle? There are lots of natural solutions available in place of these.

A study has shown that Dermabase, Dermovan, Eucerin Original Moisturizing Cream, or Vanicream may cause skin cancer. This also means tanning oils and lotions parents may apply to their babies. Sunlight-induced nonmelanoma skin cancer is diagnosed in over 1 million people per year. Each year, the rate of diagnosis in people increases, which science has justified with an increasingly aging population. Many people do survive, but squamous cell carcinomas are killers.

The sun gets blamed as the cause. But the fact is, these studies haven’t been incredibly extensive. Meaning, there are a whole lot of variables that are ignored by merely saying “the sun causes skin cancer.” One of those variables is the application of topical skin creams, an undefined risk. One study took a closer look at this, the results, well, weren’t surprising.

During studies to determine the safety of four commercially available and widely used moisturizing creams as possible vehicles for topical chemoprevention studies, we found that they all had tumorigenic activity when applied topically to UVB-pretreated high-risk mice.

Of course, the study only used mice, but mice are used in many studies to make a point. The study was not funded by any of the large corporate producers of topical lotion, so it was unbiased. More importantly, the study points out a greater need for more research and highlights that routine, commercially available and widely used topical creams are never tested for carcinogenic activity.

In other words, “safety tests” do not apply to skin cancer issues. This is hugely important to anyone considering using chemical-laden products.

That’s why we are big advocates for Neal’s Yard Remedies, or NYR for short.  NYR uses organic ingredients grown under tight restrictions without the use of artificial chemicals and pesticides. This company is huge in the UK, but it is a fast-growing market in the U.S. We believe most people will want to use organic products so they don’t put synthetic chemicals in or on their bodies.

We Believe In Safe Cosmetics

What it all means

At Wellness Soldier, health is important to us. When formulating and making our products, we follow the precautionary principle – which means not sharing anything we believe could cause harm to you or the planet.

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Babies Are Now Born ‘Pre-Polluted’ With Toxins, Chemicals. And It Gets Even Worse.

Are the chemicals found in daily use products the new tobacco? That’s the claim being made today in a New York Times article. The relationship between the two is being qualified by the fact that chemicals and tobacco are harmful and in both cases, Government agencies have been ultra-slow to respond to the issues. The core focus is on endocrine disrupters, which have long been linked to reproductive issues, are now being linked to a host of other cancers and epidemics.

The Gynecology Federation’s focus on the endocrine disrupters, chemicals that imitate sex hormones and often confuse the body, endocrine disrupters are found in pesticides, plastics, shampoos and cosmetics, cash register receipts, food can linings, flame retardants and countless other products.

“Exposure to toxic chemicals during pregnancy and lactation is ubiquitous, ” the organization cautioned, adding that virtually every pregnant woman in America has at least 43 different chemical contaminants in her body. It cited a National Cancer institute report finding that “to a disturbing extent babies are born ‘pre-polluted.'”

The National Cancer institute report can be found here. Here is their list.

Environmental Exposures Related to Modern Lifestyles Conveniences of modern life—automobile and airplane travel, dry cleaning, potable tap water, electricity, and cellular communications, to name a few—have made daily life easier for virtually all Americans. Some of these conveniences, however, have come at a considerable price to the environment and human health, and the true health impact of others is unconfirmed. For example, mobile source air emissions (e.g., from cars, trucks, other passenger vehicles, ships), especially diesel particulate pollution, are responsible for approximately 30 percent of cancer resulting from air pollution. Disinfection of public water supplies has dramatically reduced the incidence of waterborne illnesses and related mortality in the United States, but research indicates that long-term exposure to disinfection by-products such as trihalomethanes may increase cancer risk. Chemicals used for household pest control can become a component of carpet dust, posing a risk to children when they play on the floor.

The Endocrine society is now increasing their warnings to include diabetes and obesity.

Emerging evidence ties endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure to two of the biggest public health threats facing society – diabetes and obesity, according to the executive summary of an upcoming Scientific Statement issued today by the Endocrine Society. (source)

They also include other hormone-related cancers such as breast and ovarian cancer, prostate conditions, thyroid disorders and neurodevelopmental issues.

When are we going to learn that toxins are a serious dilemma which needs to be sorted out? To be honest, just saying the word “toxins” causes many people to think that pseudoscience is at it’s core. But the fact is, reality is setting in and now studies are revealing the true dangers which do exist. Our babies are being born ‘pre-polluted,’ this needs to be a serious wake up call to our society. To be honest, I hate receiving receipts and in any scenario where possible, I just tell them I don’t need one (I mean I don’t need to return or write off groceries in most cases). Any place that allows me the option for email receipts I also opt for. We need to take action and reduce our exposure to these toxins. New chemicals are constantly being placed in our lives, we need more transparency and education over the matters to exist.

Be very careful about what cleaning agents you use in your household. In addition, as mentioned before, there is no reason to always take receipts, just ask the register person to throw it away if you don’t need it. If you don’t have to be around car exhaust, don’t be. Pay attention to your exposure levels and reduce them wherever and whenever you can.

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