Monsanto Loses All Over World, But Could Still Be Protect In US.


“Monsanto has spent over $100 million dollars to defeat GMO labeling.”

Monsanto is laying off over 2000 employees, their revenue is way down, and they’ve had their spirit crushed all over the globe. Well, mostly over the globe. The United States remains a safe harbor for the seed modification company which has aspirations of a global takeover. With House Bill 1599 in progress, Monsanto still can come out ahead even in the face of all this global adversity if the bill is to become a law. And the fact is, that’s a reality we may likely be looking at.

The bill takes away the people’s ability to know what’s in their food, it also tramples on state’s rights. GMO foods will be looked at as just as safe as it’s non-gmo competitor (seriously). The FDA would not be able to object to any of this.

So what’s in your food? Do you know? Check out this video for further insights into a very important subject matter.

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