TIME SENSITIVE: The Secrets of the Best Olive Oil


We have long recommended that everyone switch their cooking oil over to coconut oil and/or olive oil. But did you know that  75 to 80 percent of the oil sold in the US does not meet the legal grades for extra­-virgin oil?

For example, as far back as July 2010, researchers at the UC Davis Olive Center tested samples of imported olive oils. They found that 69 percent of the samples they tested failed to meet internationally accepted standards to be called extra virgin olive oil.

In the years since…

  • NBC News reported that “Fake olive oil is rampant.”
  • The Wall Street Journal stated: “American grocery stores are awash in cheap, fake ‘extra virgins.’”
  • Forbes Magazine warned: “Here’s the hard truth: the olive oil in your pantry, the one you bought for its health benefits and for some sliver of the seductive Mediterranean lifestyle, is most likely a scam.”

This Is Especially Outrageous Because…

….authentic extra virgin olive oil—the real stuff—is so healthy for you!  a look at the list of things

Here’s a short list of the things genuine extra virgin olive oil can do for you:

  • Lowers “bad” cholesterol and therefore lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Protects you against cancer, especially cancer of the breast, prostate, and colon.
  • Reduces inflammation and joint pain from arthritis without the side effects from prescription drugs.
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces your risk of diabetes
  • May reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s
  • Lowers the risk of osteoporosis by improving the absorption of calcium from your food

Finally, it’s loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols, which help regulate your immune system and aid it in protecting your body against disease.

One of Our Favorite Sponsors to the Rescue

It’s a small company called the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club run by T. J. Robinson, aka “The Olive Oil Hunter.”


We learned about T. J. here at Wellness Soldier when he sent us a sample bottle of his amazing olive oil a while back and asked us to try it. The taste and the quality blew us away. That’s because T. J. bypasses all the middlemen. He delivers—direct to your door—the best artisanal olive oils from honorable, award-winning family farms around the world. And he does it right at harvest time, when the olive oils are at their peak of flavor and nutritional value.

Most important, every olive oil he imports is independently certified in two ways to be 100% pure extra virgin. First, each oil is chemically tested by an accredited third-party laboratory and certified to be 100% pure extra virgin. Second, each oil is also certified by an independent tasting panel of human judges, formally trained and accredited to detect even the slightest defects in an olive oil’s taste or aroma. Only when an olive oil meets every strict requirement on their thorough checklist do these professional tasters pronounce it 100% pure extra virgin, the highest grade.

oliveoil-pouringAs a result, he delivers only the purest, freshest, and most flavorful olive oils from gold-medal-winning producers. They are also custom-blended exclusively for T. J.’s Club members and are available nowhere else on earth. They are out-of-this-world delicious!

Once we tried his olive oils, we fell in love with them, as did our families. We told this to T. J., and he was so pleased that he offered to become a sponsor of Wellness Soldier if we would share our heartfelt feelings about his olive oils with our audience.

To us, it was a match made in heaven.  because we recommend these oils to everyone in any case. To be fair, these oils are more expensive than ordinary store-bought olive oils. But we guarantee you’ve never tasted anything like them, nothing even close.

Our Commitment To You

Wellness Soldier works hard to recommend only the best, the safest, the most organic and the most planet-friendly products to our readers and fans. To be fair, these oils are more expensive than ordinary store-bought olive oils. But we guarantee you’ve never tasted anything like them, nothing even close. AND they are genuine, high-quality olive oils.


Since you can transform 30 or more meals with a single large bottle, you may consider them, as we do, one of the best investments you can make in your food budget. So, here’s the time-sensitive offer:

Get a $39 Retail-Size Bottle of One of the World’s Greatest Olive Oils

…for Just $1.00

If you’ll pay just $1 to help cover the shipping and handling costs, T.J. will send you a $39 retail-size bottle of one of the world’s top-rated, artisanal olive oils, fresh from the harvest. And unlike the scores of olive oils you may run across elsewhere, this one—like all the Club’s oils—is independently lab-certified to be 100% pure extra virgin.

And unlike the scores of olive oils you may run across elsewhere, this one—like all the Club’s oils—is independently lab-certified to be 100% pure extra virgin.

What a deal!

Unlike many other clubs, T. J.’s Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club is totally commitment-free. You’re never obligated to buy anything, now or ever. And T. J. has an industry-wide reputation for being exceptionally customer-friendly and trustworthy, so he’ll take good care of you. He’s so proud of his family-farm olive oils that he wants to make it irresistibly easy for you to try his unique Club and decide for yourself.

However, because of customs regulations, this offer is available only to our readers who live in the US. If that includes you, you’re in luck.

ACT NOW: April 23, 2017 is the deadline

Due to limited quantities, this $39-Bottle-for-a-Buck Promotion Ends Sunday, April 23

First, T. J. and his Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club have reserved a strictly limited number—240 bottles (20 cases)—to share with our readers. Problem is, we’ve got many thousands of readers, so these 240 bottles should go very fast, and it’s first come, first served.

Also, his generous bottle-for-a-buck offer expires Sunday, April 23, which will be here before we know it.

Finally, if T. J.’s Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club is for you, we encourage you to join the Club, even if you miss out on this Bottle-for-a-Buck promotion. Experience the remarkably vibrant and delicious taste of extra virgin olive oil when it’s fresh from the new harvest. This oil will make all other olive oils seem woefully dull and flat by comparison. As we experienced in our homes, it adds whole new layers of flavor and deep-down satisfaction to your crisp salads and veggies, luscious pasta, grilled meats, delicate fish, and other favorite dishes.

The publicity this oil is getting is quite something. Foodies, celebrity chefs, and food writers are raving about it. For example, this is what Larry Olmsted, the award-winning food and travel journalist, and author of the New York Times bestselling book, Real Food/Fake Food:  Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It, wrote about the Olive Oil Club:

I now get most of my oil from T. J. Robinson’s Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club, and every time I open a bottle, my kitchen literally fills up with the smell of fresh crushed olives—the scent explodes out of the bottle. Just breaking the seal transports me to Italy or Spain or Chile.”

When you click on this link, you’ll see similar comments from many other voices as well.

Perhaps best of all, in addition to the king-sized flavor payload, you gain priceless peace of mind knowing that all of the Club’s oils are independently certified by laboratory testing and by a panel of accredited olive oil judges to be 100% pure extra virgin. This means you’ll no longer have to worry about serving your family or guests substandard or fake olive oil, so many of which are lurking behind fancy labels.

ACT NOW: April 23, 2017 is the deadline


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