WATCH: Does Sparkling Water Ruin Your Health?


Will sparkling water ruin your teeth? How about make you obese? Will it cause IBS and leach calcium from the bones?

Many people have turned to sparkling drinks over the years to help themselves get away from sodas. And with good reason, sodas are the largest contributor to our demised western health crisis. And it isn’t just sodas, but also energy and sports drinks. Sparkling water, for many, is enjoyed beyond the natural parameters of moderation. And when that happens, you almost have to wonder if it is bad for you.

Well, rumors have long existed that there is a connection between the poor health ailments I listed above and carbonated drinks. However, it turns out, your sparkling water is just fine. The below video dispells the notion that sparkling water is sinister. The fact is, most of the connections made between sparkling water and poor health issues were made using sodas and sports drinks. And guess what? Those drinks contain the pH level of stomach acid, sugars and intense amounts of caffeine.

The only questionable one? IBS, but as explained, even that should be taken with a grain of salt (or sparkling water, that is).

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